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How can CSV support me?
Cambridge School Volunteers (CSV) has worked for fifty years to understand and support the challenges of  public school teachers and students. Each year CSV assists teachers by providing trained volunteers to work as classroom assistants and tutors in the Cambridge Public Schools.

Teachers may request volunteers for classroom, small group or individual tutoring.

Are volunteers screened?
We require all of our volunteers to complete an interview, training and placement process. Each volunteer also completes a CORI form and provides two references.

Who can answers my questions about volunteer support?
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding CSV volunteer programs:

For Intergenerational Math (K–3): Julie Loh, jloh@cpsd.us
For grades K-8: Kasey Appleman, kappleman@cpsd.us
For high school: Deandra Williams, dewilliams@cpsd.us

How do I request a volunteer?
To get started, please email Julie, Kasey, or Deandra, or fill in the Teacher Request Form and indicate your specific needs. Please be sure to include all pertinent information that will assist CSV in finding the right volunteer match for you. We will contact you directly to confirm receipt of your request. You can also fill out the paper request form that you may have received in your school mailbox.